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Vintage Magazine, launched in November 2009, is a celebration of design, culture, and the creative possibilities of print. Inspired by Fleur Cowles' legendary Flair (published 1950-51), Vintage Magazine invites an eclectic roster of writers and artists to survey the historical impact of art, music, fashion, food, travel, and more on today's culture. In both its content and artful construction, the biannual magazine embodies the word "vintage" in its broadest sense - one that connotes style, excellence, and timeless elegance.

Joe Haddad on Joseph Cornell

The artist at work …our thoughts swiftly soar to cinematic images, both real and imagined…Monet painting in his garden at Giverny, Toulouse Lautrec sketching at the Moulin Rouge; moving indoors, Picasso working in poverty in a garret of Montmartre…Jackson Pollack splashing paint on the floored canvases of his East Hampton barn.  Can one gain insight into an artist’s work from its place of creation?

Joseph Cornell (1903 – 1972) – whose distinctive art was shaped, in large part, from elements plucked from the streets of New York City -- worked in the basement of his family’s modest Dutch colonial home at 37-08 Utopia Parkway in Queens, New York.  Cornell lived on Utopia Parkway for over 40 years, with his domineering mother and younger brother. Domestic tension was significant -- Joseph and his mother argued, often about matters related to the care of his brother Robert, physically weakened by cerebral palsy.  The basement proved a convenient retreat from the stress upstairs.

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Award-winning Vintage Magazine is back with its Quatrième issue, a special design and architecture edition. Chip Kidd, famed cover designer, created an exuberant homage to vintage linoleum, leading us into this grand home tour from the floor up; acclaimed writer Gary Giddins focuses on the mysterious obscurity of the works of author W.R. Burnett; Lisa Birnbach (Official Preppy Handbook, True Prep) provides an appreciation of the (home) library; pop-culture curator Barbara Lippert offers her take on interior designer Elsie de Wolfe; British-based writer Kristen Frederickson ponders her relationship with the AGA stove; designer Kim Myles riffs on the Victorian dollhouse-like homes found in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles; Joe Haddad draws us into the home of "artist in residence" Joseph Cornell; Robert and Cortney Novogratz, renowned husband and wife design team, provide a pop-up tour of their home. And more awaits. We invite you inside.